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From jungle tours to hot springs– to private farm-to-table dinners, there is a lot to experience from Magic Mountain.  At Poco Mas Sol, we are happy to connect guests with local rainforest guide, Uriel and set up private tours & experiences, or just suggest some local options for you to explore on your own.

We partner in collaboration with Red Eye Frog Tours
to share the magic of our local jungle habitat (en Ingles y Español!)

Uriel Amador, Local Rainforest Guide

Uriel, Founder of Red Eye Frog Tours, is our in-house Rainforest Guide and permaculturist.  In addition to jungle tours and cacao tours, Uriel helps to manage the food forests and gardens at Poco Mas Sol and is extremely knowledgeable about native plants and species in the area.  Originally from Nicaragua and raised primarily in Costa Rica, Uriel is fluent in Spanish and English and has a beautiful connection to the jungle and lands here.  He is also an avid BMX bike athlete spearheading new bike trail projects in the area.    

Rainforest Tours

Explore the magic of Bosque Eterno de Los Niños (Children’s Eternal Rainforest), the largest private protected rainforest reserve in Costa Rica,  or explore the many jungle trails connecting right from our backyard at Poco Mas Sol regenerative forest farm.

Cacao Tours

Delight all your senses with an immersion into the world of chocolate from fruit and bean, to final product.  Explore the organic cacao farm at 2 Little Monkeys– see and taste cacao in its raw form and learn about the process of fermenting and processing this superfruit into chocolate by hand.  Guests will have the opportunity to make some of their own chocolate and taste the delectable offerings from 2 Little Monkeys.

Nighttime Jungle & night Frogs Tour

Explore the forest at night with our trusted rainforest guide, Uriel, and experience the magic of the jungle at night– including the colorful display of the many night frogs in the area.. some of which glow in the dark!   (Many of these frogs can be poisonous so we approach all of our tours with caution and respect for nature as gentle observers).

Medicinal Plants Tour

Learn about the many native medicinal plants and herbs in the area– their many benefits and uses and notes on how they are traditionally processed and used by locals.  

Hot Springs

Arrange a day at jungle hot springs soaking up healing, mineral-rich waters.   

Add a hot-stone massage from our in-house massage therapist for a full natural spa-day experience.

Farm-to-table Private Dining

Arrange a private farm-to-table lunch or dinner with local chefs at Poco Mas Sol, or enjoy a 5-course dining experience at our neighbors farm, Ojo de La Tigra.  All the food we grow on our farms is organic, never sprayed with pesticides, grown with love, and any other ingredients sourced locally as organic and natural as possible.  We can accommodate any dietary preferences.  Contact us to arrange an unforgettable fine-dining experience in nature on Magic Mountain.

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